March- Gary Christen

Thursday Lecture:   March 7th 2013 @ 7:00 pm

Topic: The Basis of Symmetrical Astrology


Saturday Workshop:  March 9th 2013 @ 10:30 am

Topic: Event Sequences and Event Ecology





The Basis of Symmetrical Astrology

Symmetry, the underlying theme of astrology from ancient times to the present was well expressed by the Greeks and modernized by great European astrologers like Alfred Witte.  Various schools sprung up in the 20th century utilizing this grand theme such as The Hamburg School (Uranian Astrology), Cosmobiology, Cosmobiosophical Astrology and many others. While many astrologers have seized astrology’s history and others have integrated modern psychological forms into the field, the technique for the future growth of astrology needs definition in modern technical terms and methods. Symmetrical Astrology subsumes these modern ways of looking at astrology into a single body of thought, adds a revolutionary philosophical underpinning, opens up ancients concepts not covered by the classics, adds modern developments and provides a stable and practical direction for astrology’s future. It is an anchor to ground astrological ideas to a fixed point and this fixed point should allow unlimited development of astrological innovations in all directions. From seasoned practitioner to beginning student, your view of astrology’s future will be enriched by this talk.



Event Sequences and Event Ecology

The Resonance between common factors


There are many approaches to forecasting and natal analysis, each more complicated than the next. We are going to look at the Arc Openings, the actual distance (in degrees & minutes) between planets and other factors in the horoscope. The use of Arc Openings combine simplicity, elegance, ease of use and delivers terrific results.


You will learn how natal Arc Openings can be arranged to create a Difference Sort, which is a unique sequence for events and conditions that we repeat over and over in our lives. You will learn to understand your personal Event Ecology where these unique sequences demonstrate our actions in time. Sorted Arc Openings show how each event in our life is linked to the next, influencing our view and experience of life’s intricate event structures. You will use easy timers set up through the Solar Arc and combined with transits. This simple combination will set up conditions for you to observe life’s destiny as it unfolds. In addition, you will see how Directions differ from Progressions and how to use any Arc Openings in this context.


To make this workshop useful and simple, you will see how a Lifetime Solar Arc table calculated for the native works and how to apply this table to a Difference Sort both to measure our Solar Arcs for timing and to illustrate an Event Ecology and Sequence. These are simple, personal tables, unique to each individual, that allow us to see at a glance, a lifetime of possible events and the sequence of when the events unfold. Understanding these patterns makes experiences of an event special and unique for each person.

While the terminology may seem complicated, it is just a way of describing something new and different. This is a talk for all levels of astrological knowledge and ability. While beginners will follow with ease, even seasoned professional practitioners will gain some great new tricks that are easy to use.

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