October- Lynne Hyde

Thursday: October 11, 2012  – THE “SIMPLE DIAL” AND YOU!!!

In Saturday’s talk Lynne will put your chart in Dial form up on the  screen and walk you and the room through a brand new take on this concise and revealing system of astrology.     She will show your 360 degree chart compressed into 90 degrees and you will see all your aspects in a new light.  Conjunctions, Oppositions and Squares all occupy the same positions on the dial, as the wheel is divided into the three areas of Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.      Lynne will begin each chart looking at the dial and the 6 important personal points which are the Aries point, the Mid heaven, Ascendant , Node and the Sun and Moon. We will look at what is transiting these points presently and let you in the room also join in on the interpretation.      Working with the Dial is new for her too, so this will be basic and simple yet profound. She hopes that everyone attending will leave by days end being able to use this form of looking at a chart in new and practical ways!     Please E-mail Lynne your birth information in advance by October 6th at LynHyde@bellsouth.net so she can study your Dial and capture it’s directives. A printed version will be given to everyone attending . All are invited and encouraged to participate in offering their own astrological understanding. Be ready for an exciting day of interpretation and fun while continuing to get to know each other and deepening our Planetary Perceptions together.


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