Upcomng SFAA: 2014-2015

Dear all SFAA Members,

It’s with great love and appreciation that we want to announce that:                                 SFAA is still alive and well!!!

SFAA after the bulldozing of the Hilton Hotel, has been undergoing major transformation.

Pluto is presently opposing the clubs natal Sun and we all know that change must be embraced!

We are happy to announce that a new format is unfolding with the idea of meeting multiple times a year at the equinoxes, solstices and the fixed cross quarter days. We’d like to be a club that truly represents all of South Florida and we have the idea of meeting at different locations throughout the year from Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale to Miami-Dade counties to lessen the impact of everyone driving so far.

We are looking for a few dedicated people who want to see SFAA grow and flourish and that can assist this transformational birth process. If you are one of these that feel called please simply REPLY to this e-mail and we will gratefully contact you shortly!

In the mean time save the date as we are having Christeen Skinner  start the new year off and present her astrological wisdom to us on:

Saturday February 7th, 2015.

We’ll let you know the new location shortly….

Also, with the gracious and expansive spirit of nurturing our connection and growing our astrological roots deeper in south Florida, we will have a SOLSTICE CELEBRATION at the home of Lynne Hyde’s the eve of the solstice, Saturday, December 20th.

Lastly, it’s come strongly to our heart’s attention in the absence of Meeting for the past few months, that SFAA who has a long 40 year history, needs to continue on and live dynamically so that we keep growing and expanding the beauty and brilliance of astrology in hopes that more human beings, like us can experience its wisdom. It’s up to us to stay passionately focused and lovingly committed and we ask you all to join us!

Sincerely and with excitement for SFAA’s Future,

Lynne Hyde, Brenda Brush, Jeffrey Brock and Chris Kavanaugh



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SFAA Vice President