Adam Gainsburg – 1/14

Jan 9 2014 Lecture

Sky Phases: the Original Planetary Cycles

Rooted in ancient skywatching traditions, the visible or heliacal phases of the planets represents the very origin of the astrological tradition. The living sky was in fact the very first astrological “chart.” This lecture will introduce you to the fundamental sky differences between inner and outer planets including the little-known celestial factors which link modern astrology to our shared roots as astrologers. Adam will explain how the combination of sound astrological technique, little-known sky factors of the visible planets, and the central role planetary phases occupy in all of astrology, can deepen and broaden your astrology.

Jan 11 2014 Workshop

Natal & Phasal Venus: Astrology as a Particle, Astrology as a Wave

The timing of this workshop couldn’t be more perfect…. Today Venus reaches the heart of the Sun, signaling the transition from her Gemini Cycle to her Capricorn Cycle. This workshop is designed to take full advantage of this synchronistic timing and demonstrate how the combination of “natal Venus” and “phasal Venus” (natal and progressed phases) dramatically illuminates a fuller and deeper meaning to our inner and outer relationships with ourselves and others.

Natal Venus signifies our personal Feminine Self – our unique combination of Divine Feminine qualities, while Phasal Venus stands for our Feminine Dharma – how we best contribute to our world as our Feminine Self.

Under the “light” of this unique timing with Venus and Earth closest with one another – Adam will first present on what we have to look forward to in this newly-conceiving Capricorn Cycle of Venus and spend the majority of the day working with participants’ charts to demonstrate the fascinating relationship between birth chart and birth sky using Venus as our guide. Throughout he’ll provide tips on easily incorporating any planet’s visible phases into your astrology practice.

This workshop is geared for experienced students to professionals and all range of questions are encouraged. The material is based on THE LIGHT OF VENUS, Adam’s latest book and the world’s first astrology cookbook devoted exclusively to delineation of a planet’s non-horoscopic conditions.