Kelly Surtees – 05/13

In May SFAA Presents:

Kelly Surtees

May 2nd & 4th, 2013


Thursday night Lecture:

Enhancing Natal Chart Work: The Heart of the Chart


Considering day vs. night charts, prioritizing aspects, discussing traditional concepts like planet strength including speed, and what they all say about areas of ease or challenge in life. Tips on how to find out what works – or not – for each person, based on the natal chart.

This lecture takes you behind simple planet/sign/house and aspect interpretations to help you get into the heart of the chart.

There are many ways to interpret a chart, but focusing on connections to angles, planetary speed as well as the dominant planets (which change for each chart and will be discussed on the night), you’ll discover simple yet effective processes to help make natal work deep and meaningful.


Saturday workshop


Astrology Alive: Exploring the Manifestation of Planet Cycles in Real Life


The predictive astrologer has a variety of tools available with which to make forecasts. We’ll explore three techniques – fidaria, progressions and transits – discussing the unique uses and applications of each, as well as how to pull them together.

Our focus is on application of technique, and we’ll move through a variety of examples, including those of some attendees, to illustrate how different predictive techniques work.

Used with consideration, predictive tools help reveal major turning points, growth and contraction periods, and indicators for success or romantic happiness.

Come along and learn about fidaria’s take on planetary periods and how to work with them. The impact of speed, house and sign changes by dynamic triggers like fidaria, progressions and transits is discussed.

This intermediate level workshop is ideal for serious students as well as practicing astrologers. The astrology of real life is vastly more interesting than dry theory, and we’ll strive to bring to life tools and techniques that are useful to the working astrologer. Bring your own charts for personal application in the afternoon.