Chris King – 2/14


Thursday February 6th 2014

Evening Lecture:   Elections on the Run

What can you do when you don’t have time (or patience) to work through a full election? This workshop will give you three quick and easy methods to selecting auspicious times: electing by the Moon, working with planetary days and hours, and electing with horary.


Saturday February 8th 2014

Workshop:   Fundamentals of Electional Method

When learning electional astrology, we’re usually told the rules and then shown examples of good elections. But how do we get from the rules to the elected chart? This workshop will take you step by step through a full electional method, incorporating natal analysis, ephemeris work and traditional guidelines into a systematic approach to choosing the best available time to act.


Electional astrology is the art of skillful beginnings, giving us tools to choose the best time to start any new enterprise: a major purchase, a business, a trip, a marriage, or even a new life. These two workshops will introduce you to traditional methods of crafting electional charts for yourself and others.