Lecture Recordings

SFAA is excited to announce the availability of the digitally remastered audio recording of our lectures. Below you will find a list of available recordings that will be added to as more speakers present with us.

When you purchase one of these recordings you will be emailed a link to download the applicable material for “personal use only” via Google Drive. Please allow at least 1 business day in order to receive access as this is not an automated process.

If you attended a particular lecture keep an eye on your inbox, as you should receive a complimentary copy with your in-person lecture fee. If you were not emailed your copy please contact us at SFAA411@gmail.com


Available Materials:


Brenda Brush’s September 2018 Lecture:

“What You Need To Know For 2019” – Understanding the planetary energies to wisely guide you toward a constructive and personally rewarding year!”

Brenda Brush September 2018 Lecture


Michelle Gould/John Townley October 2018 Immersion Weekend:

“Grounding the Skies” – Included in this “Day 1” bundle are two lectures, the first of which is a treatise on the origin of observational astrology and the presentation of a groundbreaking timing technique focused on Lunar Latitude by Michelle Gould. The second lecture given by John Townley is a discussion that focuses on the physical and cosmic mechanisms that likely underpin the astrological process. Both are sure to add invaluable insight that will allow you to deepen your practice and understand astrology in a whole new way! Additionally included are Michelle’s lecture slides, a handout focused on Lunar Latitude and its application in the birth chart, and directions on how to find Lunar Latitude as it progresses over the course of a lifetime.

“Cosmic Relationships” – Included in this “Day 2” bundle are another two lectures, once again beginning with Michelle Gould. The first lecture is focused on practical and usable techniques and ideas that will get you working with Synastry immediately. The second lecture by John Townley is focused on the technique that he himself popularized, the Composite Chart. Here he discusses the history of the technique, how it can and can’t be used, and a valuable way to utilize the chart in order to find out who the “gate-keepers” are in a relationship. Reference materials and lecture slides are also included.

These lectures are available in their respective bundles, and also as a full set for a reduced cost. If you’re interested in individual (unbundled) recordings, please inquire via email.

Gould/Townley Immersion Weekend

Christeen Skinner/Priscilla Costello February 2019 Immersion Weekend:

Day 1:

“Draconic Charts: A Draco and Spirit Workshop” – Starting off the weekend Christeen Skinner enlightened us with a subject that you may have heard of, and one that she’s quite passionate about. Draconic Charts are a technique which can illuminate the undercurrents of the natal chart adding even richer depth to your practice.

“Singletons and the Art of Getting to the Heart of the Chart” – In this lecture, Priscilla Costello presented and added additional insight to a special technique created by renowned astrologer Richard Idemon. Due to learning this technique directly from him and having experimented with it over the subsequent years, her knowledge will definitely allow you to sink your teeth into any chart and provide an invaluable springboard into its dominant themes.

Day 2:

“2019 Astro-Finance Forecast” – On “Day 2” Christeen Skinner got things going with a bang as she provided her own unique brand of insight into the coming year’s financial flow. In this tour de force presentation she outlines everything you need to know in order to navigate the coming financial waters with grace and foresight. A must-have for the financially savvy astro-enthusiast.

“Astro-Property Cycles” – In this lecture, Christeen Skinner examines the flow of the coming cycles as they pertain to housing and real-estate. She outlines the current situation in a way that illuminates the future and also provides special tips and tricks for timing sales and acquisitions.
“What I Learned in 2018” – In the first presentation of Day 2’s afternoon, Christeen does a deep dive into the fresh insight and ideas that she acquired over the past year. This lecture gives you workable ideas and dates that you can use to give yourself a financial advantage in the coming year ahead as well as far into the future.
“2020 and Beyond” – Christeen’s special final lecture outlines the coming trends over the years ahead. We’re currently in an incredibly important pivot on a collective level, and while this is certainly indicated by today’s astrological signature, examining the ways in which this unfolds over a longer period of time allows us to better prepare for the long-haul.

For convenience and savings, Day 2 is offered as a bundle with Christeen’s Astro-Finance Forecast 2019 also available as a standalone lecture. If you’re interested in individual (unbundled) recordings, please inquire via email.

Skinner/Costello Immersion Weekend